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CalAgua Innovations Corp. is tackling the energy sectors' most difficult environmental and resource challenges by bringing together world class scientists and innovative leaders to create ionic liquid solutions for extraction and remediation. 



Brian Mellor

President and CEO

Brian is a dedicated entrepreneur, cleantech leader and community volunteer. As an entrepreneur and cleantech leader, he focuses on developing technologies to tackle the global climate crisis and to transform academic research into next-generation commercial products, materials and processes. He is passionate about improving our economy, community, and our impact on the world.

Dr. Paula Berton

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Berton has more than 10 years of global expertise in the selection and design of ionic liquids for specific tasks, primarily for sustainable and efficient separations processes.  She has led research teams with members from all over the world, and her work has been the focus of over 25 publications in scientific journals.  Her scientific understanding of the technology is a key asset to CalAgua Innovations Corp.

Fred Masuch, CA, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Masuch has decades of experience supporting entrepreneurs as a trusted business advisor, including clients commercializing ground-breaking intellectual property.  He brings a depth of knowledge and experience to guiding the finances of CalAgua Innovations Corp. 

Dr. Steven Bryant

Eminent Scientist

Dr. Steven Bryant is an expert and pioneered the fields of digital petrophysics and nanoparticles for petroleum engineering applications and has made some of the most significant advances in the past 20 years in porous media modelling, reactive transport theory, and CO2 sequestration. Bryant has more than 280 publication credits to his name including publications for books, book chapters, peer reviewed journal articles, and conference proceedings on topics such as applications in production engineering, reservoir engineering and formation evaluation.


Before accepting his position as Canada Excellence Research Chair in Materials Engineering for Unconventional Oil Reservoirs at the University of Calgary, Bryant was Bank of America Centennial Professor in The University of Texas at Austin’s department of petroleum and geosystems engineering and was director of two of the university’s industrial affiliates programs; one on nanoparticles for subsurface engineering and the other on geological CO2 storage. Bryant previously held both the university’s J. H. Herring Centennial Professorship and its George H. Fancher Centennial Teaching Fellowship in Petroleum Engineering. He also served as a distinguished lecturer for the Society of Petroleum Engineers.


Bryant received his PhD in chemical engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, and his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dr. Robin Rogers

Eminent Scientist

Dr. Robin D. Rogers is a Research Professor at The University of Alabama and President, Owner, and Founder of 525 Solutions, Inc. He obtained his B.S. and Ph.D. in Chemistry at The University of Alabama before starting his career at Northern Illinois University where he became Presidential Research Professor. In 1996, he returned to UA where he held titles including Director, Center for Green Manufacturing, Distinguished Research, and Robert Ramsay Chair of Chemistry. In 2007, he was also Chair of Green Chemistry and Co-Director of QUILL at The Queen’s University of Belfast before returning full time to UA from 2009-2014. Since 2009, he has been an Honorary Professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute for Process Engineering in Beijing. In 2015, he became Canada Excellence Research Chair in Green Chemistry and Green Chemicals at McGill University until 2017, when he returned full time to the company he founded in 2004 to accelerate the introduction of academic advances in sustainable development to society.


A world expert in ionic liquids, Rogers holds 26 issued patents and has published over 790 papers. His research interests cover the use of ionic liquids and Green Chemistry for sustainable technology through innovation and include Materials (advanced polymeric and composite materials from biorenewables), Separations (novel strategies for separation and purification of value added products from biomass), and Energy (new lubricant technologies and selective separations).

Gordon Masuch, P.Eng

Engineering Advisor

Mr. Gordon Masuch is a professional mechanical engineer who has specialized in Machine Plant Design, Pressure Vessels and Materials Handling.  The bulk of his career was spent with TECK, working on design and development of mineral separation processes at TECK's Trail, BC smelter. 

Matt brings over 18 years of technical and commercial experience in oil sands technology development to lead CalAgua’s engineering efforts.  A P.Eng with a chemical engineering degree from the University of Calgary, Matt has delivered value to Canada’s largest oil and gas companies including Imperial Oil, Canadian Natural Resources, Royal Dutch Shell and Petro-Canada in the areas of field operations, development, Research & Development, debottlenecking, asset optimization, and projects.  


Matt has a proven track record of bringing new technologies from concept ideation to commercial operation. He is a subject matter expert in oil sand processing including hydraulic design of slurry systems, solids handling, and separation processes. He has delivered projects that include developing new oil sand technologies including designing streamlined aqueous and paraffinic solvent processes that bring significant reduction in equipment count offering lower capital investments; and extensive experience in  Tailings processing units (centrifuging, thickening, Consolidate Tailings (CT), and hydraulic design).


Matt’s proven track record of providing extraordinary business value in commercializing new technology; his hands-on understanding of the challenges and opportunities that operators are currently facing; and his passion for designing, building and operating pilot plants adds tremendous capacity to the CalAgua team. 

Matt Armour, P.Eng

Senior Development