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Ionic Liquid Technology

Why use Ionic Liquids? 

Ionic liquids provide a next-generation platform for innovation: instead of constraining a separation process to limitations of expensive conventional molecules, ionic liquids can be tailored to deliver a process’s key performance requirements while reducing CAPEX, OPEX and environmental implications. The combination of the broad variety of available ionic components leads to a theoretically possible ability to design over 10¹⁸ ionic liquids – a million times more than the number of stars in the Milky Way. 


To exploit the application of this overwhelming range of ionic liquid possibilities, CalAgua takes a design approach, choosing combinations of ions to best satisfy the performance requirements of a specific process and feedstock. From this platform, CalAgua can rethink many engineering processes, especially in the context of current operational and public policy challenges, including reduced cost requirements for competitiveness in global markets, optimization within existing industrial assets, and improved environmental impact.

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