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CalAgua is building a team of dedicated innovators who are passionate about developing sustainable solutions for the evolution of the resource sector. 


We hire based on merit, a positive attitude and we celebrate a multi-method approach and point of view. We believe diversity drives innovation. We want to work with dynamic, practical and creative colleagues who want to create a sustainable world through new technology implementation. Our success depends on being able to advance technology development through collegiality, cooperation, and a commitment to delivering something transformational.  




Process Development Engineer

Position Summary


The Process Development Engineer is a critical hire to CalAgua’s ongoing success. Working with our team of world-leading scientists, you will act as the primary developer of next-generation solutions for the energy industry’s extraction, processing, and remediation challenges.


As CalAgua’s lead technology developer, you will be responsible for advancing the development of multiple technologies, including solutions for eliminating Alberta’s Oil Sands Tailings Ponds, and new hydrocarbon extraction mining solutions that use limited water and emit limited greenhouse gas emissions.  As the first paid employee of an international founding team, your success will depend on being able to advance technology development through collegiality, cooperation, and a commitment to delivering something transformational.


Starting with our chemistry-based separation discoveries and a high-level vision of a process, you will design, build, operate and optimize continuous ionic liquid-based processes from concept to commercialization. This will involve conducting scientific and industry research (including modeling, lifecycle analysis, etc.); designing, building, running and optimizing prototypes; running lab bench and prototype tests and experiments; and honing your industry knowledge to create robust, reliable and cost-effective industrial processes. 


You will be joining a passionate and committed group of founders. Taking the lead on design and scale-up, you will work side-by-side with our Chief Science Officer who leads our chemistry innovation and runs our laboratory; our Eminent Scientists who are pioneers in their fields of ionic liquid design and materials engineering for unconventional energy; and our President and CEO who focuses on business strategy, operations and administration.  You will be supported by a diverse network of third-party partners, mentors, and consultants. 

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