Adjacency Group Discoveries

With a growing IP portfolio in its IP holding company (Adjacency Labs Corp.) and a world-renowned expert team, example technologies ready for scale-up include waterless bitumen extraction, tank cleaning solutions, kerogen extraction to unlock 6 trillion barrels of currently unrecoverable hydrocarbons, and a solution to eliminate Alberta’s 1.4 trillion litres of oil sands tailings ponds.

Oil Sands Bitumen Extraction

•Waterless, limited greenhouse gas ionic liquid extraction process provides complete bitumen recovery at ambient temperature from oil sands.

•Can either extract in a bitumen/IL phase (less viscous) or viscous pure bitumen.

•Recovery of 500BN BBL of oil sands too deep to mine and too shallow to steam.

Oil Shale to Liquid Fuels

•We have developed the only known solvent for extracting kerogen from oil shale and turning it into low sulfur premium liquid fuels.

•The market opportunity unlocks a potential 6 trillion barrels of global hydrocarbons that are currently unrecoverable.

•$9-$13USD/bbl liquid Fuel Production Cost

•5x Cost Reduction to Conventional Fuel Production

•5x Larger Reserves than Crude and Bitumen Combined

•3x-7x GHG Reduction to Conventional Fuel Production

•No Water Use

•100Mbpd potential market

Tank Cleaning 

•Our ionic liquids can create pumpable solids from oil tank bottoms to remove ‘sludge’ without the need for manned entry.

Tailings Dewatering

•The ionic liquid interacts with fines/clays to create stable, permanent separation of water from bitumen and fines.

•Additional dewatering over time from gravity and weight of tailings.

•Accelerates commonly used separation methods and can be integrated into existing in-line flocculation and settling infrastructure.